Candid Photography – The Perfect Way to Capture Special Moments in a Marriage

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Wedding is considered as the most significant day of one’s life. This is the main reason why everyone wants to make it as much memorable as possible. They want to make their special day even more special by adding lots of things. Do you also want to make your wedding day an exciting one? Do you want to make your golden moments of life immortal? Would you like to revisit or re-enjoy the same happiness of life again and again? If yes, then wedding photography or candid wedding photography is the best choice for you to go with.

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Advance Preparations Needed 
If you don’t want to get into any sort of trouble, you must be aware of everything needed. In other words, you need to look for advance preparations. For this, you can assess your photography needs. You can visit the nearest wedding photographers to grab desired information. You need to know whether you need creative wedding photography or simple photography. There is no doubt that candid photography should be done perfectly only if you are well aware of your photography requirements.
Customization Can Do Wonder 
Yes, it is right that customization can offer more customer-oriented solution. The same situation can also be seen when it comes to photography for weddings. Hence, if you want to make your big day even bigger than ever before, you need to look for customized solution. For instance, if you want to give your wedding a classic look, you can unveil the secrets of artistic wedding photography & candid wedding photography. There is no doubt that choosing this type of photography for your special day means making everything more enthusiastic, lovely and attractive. Therefore, you are suggested that you must first evaluate your pre marriage photography needs, and then choose a service accordingly.

4 Reasons to Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer


When it comes to the wedding we want the best of dresses, jewels, food, flowers, décor etc. To capture all these good things hiring a good photographer for wedding is a must. As we keep the photos and videos lifelong and relive all those wonderful moments through them so it’s important to get it done through a good professional. As per professional wedding photographers SS Media & Events at Hyderabad who are known for best Indian wedding photography in jubilee hills road, Hyderabad, creative approach, professionalism and capability to customize the photography as per the taste of the couples are required to get the best final result. So, here we have jotted down the benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding.

Professional Approach


A professional photographer has a plan in advance about how, when, where and what to capture. They make sure that nothing important is missed. Wedding cinematography by SS Media & Events in Hyderabad is one such example. It included every special thing like the wedding invitation card, to all the special moments from the makeup of the beautiful bride to the beautiful jewels she adorned to all the important traditions, rituals followed and all the blessings the couple received. It needs foresight and good judgment of physical positioning to capture live events.

Beautiful images


An experienced photographer knows the best angle to shoot and knows how to take advantage of the lightning and the right poses to give amazing pictures. The different photos of the bride and groom in different poses taken by SS Media & Event photographers from a happily smiling bride and groom, to a naughty posing bride, to a coy bride to a feeling blessed and contented expression pose of the couple can only be done by an experienced professional. All the images taken are not blindly printed, a professional takes out the best of the lot and do editing and grouping of photos where ever required. In the end, you get the best and beautiful keepsakes and memorable photos like the picture taken by SS Media & Event photographers where the bride and groom seem representing a blessed couple like a couple of God and Goddess behind them.

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Capturing life in the Eye called Camera


Media cult India, is a group of Media Professionals photographers who have gathered together to bring you the living memory of all the important moments of your life in still photographs and audio-video formats.

They are masters at creating that cinematic wedding video moment, which you shall cherish for a lifetime with your family and children and their children who would look back with love an awe at the memories being brought to life in the time to come, through the state of art, technologically advanced cameras, with highly aesthetic editing of still and audio video formats.

The Media Cult India is a sophisticated organization, providing the five-star product at the very economic price; they have created different packages to suit each and every budget catering to all different needs and requirements.

Let us introduce the story of Media Cult India to you, Ms. Sheema Farooqi, having Mastered in Media and Management from the prestigious “University of Hull”, United Kingdom, worked as Radio Professional in the early years of her career, and then started teaching Media in the top universities of India, but academia was rather too theoretical for her, so she opted out and started Media Cult India, A full-fledged production house to cater to all Media related needs of the market.

Now she could bring into practice all the knowledge garnered by her over the years to create some great media. There has been no looking back for her from the day she became a practitioner of the art of images and sounds. Wanting to do better and better and produce beautiful Photographs and Audio Visual memories for their esteemed clients, she and her team of professionals have put in their creative best.

Media Cult India” is made up of creative individuals who are interested and passionate about making a difference”. 

Marriages in India are not just the collaboration of two parties, but it’s a ritual to bind generations of two different families together in a bond of an unending relationship. this makes marriages and weddings ceremonial and thus are festive by the families friends and relatives. This ritual needs to be captured and preserved as these memories are to last forever, Media Cult India, started capturing these moments when a friend of Sheema was getting wed and requested her to make a cinematic movie of his wedding, this experience for Media Cult was new but being the masters of Art they came out with the finest video possible which was cherished not only by the bride and the groom but by all who saw, this was when the Wedding Photography and Videography was incorporated as a major business of Media Cult India, Since that day on, Media Cult has created magic in the wedding world by creating some wonderful masterpieces of Art in the form of their Photos and Videos.

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Spectacular Bengali groom dress ideas


The Bengalis celebrate their wedding with full energy like each other celebration; the customs of the wedding are extremely basic and conventional. A Bengali lady appears as the genuine image of magnificence. The wedding dress of a Bengali lady is exceptionally appealing and looks fabulous in its conventional wedding trousseau. A Bengali marriage is not only a show of extravagance and magnificence it prepares significantly more to the custom. A spouse make-up and adornments and ensemble are really the impression of the lady herself and her family.

This is a common belief that a spouse wishes to stand out amongst the crowd and looks best at her Wedding Dresses. Since ages, grooms have been paying no regard to their wedding looks. Be that as it may, now that period is over, today’s men of the hour are cognizant about their looks and dressing, regardless of what the event is.

Proceeding with our statement on Indian weddings how about we simply discuss the dressing style of a Bengali groom.

Dhoti And Kurta

spectacular-bengali-groom-dress-ideas1 (1).jpg

All things considered, Bengalis call it ‘dhuti’. This is the most critical component of a groom’s attire. This is either made of khadi or silk. The dhoti is worn in white, beige or cream shading. One can simply wear a cotton dhoti relying upon whichever is comfortable. The standard shade of the dhoti is generally white, however now with the style patterns adapting so quick, Bengali grooms do explore different areas and try on different colours based on the look they want to sport on their wedding day.



The kurta the man of the hour wears for his wedding is called Punjabi in Bengali. This bit of material is typically made of silk or tasar. The weaving is typically complex and intricate. Bengalis don’t go for heavy kurtas. One can wear a Punjabi in any shade he wishes to. Most Bengali grooms either lean toward cream or maroon shading kurtas. These kurtas look imperial. For a cutting edge look, one can select to wear a sherwani as well. Sherwani’s look in the same class as the Punjabi Dress, and with a large group of dapper design sherwani’s accessible in the business sector; it can influence your choice. In any case, in the event that you need to look a conventional Bong, then your call ought to be Punjabi.

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Choose your Destination Wedding Photographer from the Best Banners


The wedding is a celebration that brings together two persons who take pious vows to live together as soul mates for life. People are therefore very enthusiastic to live these moments in the best ways and happily greet the genre concepts. A destination wedding is one such concept that has found high resonance. While it entails a greater cost for the couple tying the knot, there is no denying the fact that all aspire for such wedding in which the bride and groom choose a place of their likes to get married. Top wedding photographers have also responded to the calls of enthusiastic couples and they are offering resonant services.

People want to book the best destination wedding photographer to ensure that precious moments are captured without fail. Choose yours from these leading banners in different parts of India –

Weddingaura Film Production in New Delhi

weddingaura-film-production (1)

Counted among the leading wedding photographers India, Weddingaura Film Production specializes in the niche of destination weddings. Its team of shutterbugs travel with the wedding party and shoots the finest pictures throughout the event.

Studio Sunrise Photography in Bangalore


This wedding photographer from Bangalore specializes in destination wedding shoots. Equipped with the best of cams and paraphernalia, Studio Sunrise Photography promises the professional photo shoots.

Sneha Sen Photography in Varanasi

sneha-sen-photography (2)

Counted among the top wedding photographers of Varanasi, Sneha Sen Photography is a banner of true professionalism. It also offers candid and destination wedding photography services.

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Wedlock Tales by Dinesh Best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai


Indian wedding is marked by age-old customs and traditions that are adhered to invite the blessings for the couple from heavens. These traditions touch every segment and genre of the wedding including how the bride dresses up and what accessories she adores! A truly professional wedding photographeris adept in capturing all the finer details that make any wedding special and unique. Wedlock Tales by Dinesh is one such shutterbug from Mumbai and offers professional services in all the demanded niches of wedding photography.

Wedlock Tales by Dinesh has earned fame and worth in market through its creative wedding photography and is well known for the following specializations.

Bridal Accessories Wedding Photography


Bridal accessories in India are arrays marked by glare, finesse, jewels and all! No wonder, the Indian bride shines like a charming icon that all want to behold. Bridal accessories photography has therefore emerged as a desirable service and only fewer vendors have developed caliber in it. Wedlock Tales by Dinesh started offering bridal accessories photography early and is now the preferred banner when it comes to capturing the beauty and value of bride’s accessories including her trousseau.

Elegant Wedding Photography


Who can refuse the grandeur and elegance that abounds an Indian wedding? Wedlock Tales by Dinesh offers to capture all the icons of elegance so that you get a wedding album that is no less than a precious souvenir for life. Its shutterbugs move through the wedding event to find out the real and most splendid depictions of elegance and the same are captured with high precision.

Bride blushing with joy or the close relatives welcoming the guests graciously, everything finds a place in your wedding album. The charm and elegance are also caught by combining the ambiances outdoors, especially when you hire Wedlock Tales by Dinesh as your destination wedding photographer.

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Top 10 Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR Region


Everyone wants to engage the best Indian wedding photographers so as to ensure that all the moments of joy and happiness are captured beautifully without fail. With the demand for wedding photography increasing, the profession has also responded through finer specializations; all to the delight of the seekers who are pretty enthusiastic about the novel concepts.

Candid wedding photography is one such genre that captures the true smiles and emotions when the shutterbug shoots anonymously. Delhi NCR region has become the hub of professional wedding photography and you can count some of the best banners here. Find out the top 10 wedding photographer in Delhi – NCR that specializes in the candid niche.

Capturing Awesomeness


Capturing Awesomeness

Based in Karampura locality near New Moti Nagar area of Delhi, Capturing Awesomeness is a professional candid wedding photographer of repute. Having 5 years of experience, it also offers traditional photography, pre-wedding photo shoots, and wedding films.

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