Find the Best Indian Wedding Dresses for Girls who are Passionate for Red!

Reds and pinks define feminism in the best ways and therefore we find that young ladies are enthusiastic for zeroing in on the shades of these! And this fancy for red particularly optimizes when an Indian girl is preparing for the wedding occasion. While the ‘red suhaag joda’ is essentially a norm when choosing Indian wedding dresses for bride, the bridesmaids and other girls are also inclined for the same tastes.

What so typically resonant with the reds?

Well it may be difficult to sort out a rational reason but most like you and me find the real charm with shades of red. No wonder, we find the best Indian wedding dresses for brides and bridesmaids made in different shades of red like scarlet, crimson, blush, wine, ruby, rose and candy! Let’s see what could be the best options and genre concepts in this specialty segment of Indian bridal wear.

The anarkali lehenga with zari embroidery throughout the fabric

Bridal Lehenga

Choose the anarkali lehenga in scarlet or apple red to get gorgeous in your wedding; and it is also chosen as Indian bridesmaid dresses! The anarkali which has been a sensation for past 2 years is known to optimize the feminine charm. You imagine the cuts and swirl of it and you will be impressed by my assertion. If you also cherish the anarkali type then go for one which is decorated with fulsome embroidery every inch! This will make you look like a diva for sure!

The plain elegant style lehenga in rose red with border decoration and embroidered blouse

Indian Wedding Outfits
If you wish to adore the cosmopolitan bride outlook than go for an elegant lehenga in vibrant rose red shade. This will come with neat border decoration through lace and hems in golden or silver interwoven with wine red threading designs. These are now among the demanded Indian wedding outfits, especially by those who want to be the modern elegant bride!

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Most Suited Designer Wedding Mandap

The wedding mandap is the central part of Indian wedding after the wedding stage. The most auspicious and scared wedding rituals like the seven mangal pheras, kanyadan ceremony, jaimala, mangalsutra bandhan, etc., are all performed at the wedding mandap. Wedding mandap is the place where the couples take vows of nuptial bond with each other and all the guests present witness the loving ceremonies.
A Brief about the Wedding Mandaps
The wedding mandaps are the place at the site of wedding reception, like a canopy under which the several rituals of marriage are performed by the bride and the groom in the presence of fire burning in the center. This canopy of wedding mandap is supported by pillars from all four sides. These four pillars are said to represent the parents of the bride and groom. According to Hindu customs, the marriage of the bride and groom is said to take place with the support of their parents, therefore, parents are considered to be the supporting pillars of their nuptial bond. The bride and the groom express their respect and gratitude towards their parents by standing next to these pillars of wedding mandap.

Wedding stage décor

Agni Kund or holy fire forms the center of the wedding mandap which is worshipped by the bride, the groom and their parents under the guidance of a holy priest who recites the sacred verses from the Vedas. This Agnikun is considered as the holy witness of the wedding rituals which take place around I under the wedding mandap.
Several things need to be kept in mind regarding the wedding mandap decoration. Some of these factors are listed below.
The Size of the Wedding Mandap

Wedding decoration ideas

The size of the wedding mandap must be large enough to accommodate the AgniKund, the holy kalash and there must be enough space where the bride, the groom and the priest can sit and perform the rituals. Also there is must be enough space around the mandap where the guests may sit and witness the wedding ceremonies being performed.
Theme, Design and Style of the Wedding Mandap

Luxury Wedding Decorators India

Several options of the themes and styles of decorating the wedding mandap are available with the wedding decorators these days. For example, the wedding mandap décor ideas include open canopy, triangular arrangement, dome shaped décor, or can even have a backdrop displaying the theme being followed in the wedding decorations.  Carefully go through these options and select the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Creative Catering Defines Professionalism of Wedding Photographers!

The wedding is an occasion that marks the new beginning for the couple while family members deeply cherish the festivities. Therefore, everyone wants to preserve the sweet wedding moments and fancy congregations that comprise the guests and well wishers. No wonder, wedding photography services developed demand very early and as the social prosperities grew, the requisitioning also widened! Today, it is a must service and shutterbugs can be found moving through the wedding functions and ceremonies to capture the finest moments, beauty and glare.

While wedding album is the ultimate result & a precious souvenir for life, the modern age photographers developed specialized service niches and competencies marked by high creativity. People have also developed taste for novel concepts such as destination wedding like the royal Rajasthani style; while the photographers offer the resonant photo shoot services. Pranav Digital Wedding Photography is a leading vendor in India that specializes in pre wedding photography and destination photo shoots for the couple including the specialty locales of Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaipur.

Rajasthani destination wedding marked by the royal fervor!

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations

Leading photographers have earned recognition through the specialty services like as said above. The concept of pre wedding photography marks the catering excellence whereby the shutterbugs offer to cover the entire wedding right from the first customs till the last one!

Customers are therefore offered packaged services that are complete in all sense and also include the exceptional and genre concepts that appeal to them! They can also choose their fancied destinations for the pre wedding shoot like in Rajasthan or elsewhere in India or the world. The shutterbugs’ task is to make out the beauty, especially if a destination wedding is being planned! For example, Udaipur weddings need the specialty glimpse of its famous Lake Palace and other serene lakes of the city. However, a royal fervor invariably characterizes the Rajasthani destination weddings and photographers like Rajeev are adept at capturing the same for customers at the celebrated pre wedding shoot locations there.

The true happiness and joy of occasion

Candid Wedding Photographer

Candid wedding photography is a concept that has found high resonance in the society. As the name suggests, it involves capturing the candid shots that are marked by true expressions and real smiles of the guests, groom, the bride and all. The wedding photographers take these shots in anonymity without any ‘say cheese smiles’! Thus, candid photography secures some of the best expressions, moments of joy and fervor that is unmatched with the pre planned shots. In most cases, the candid wedding photo shoot is offered as a value addition to the main traditional wedding photography service and can be had as part of the bundled package!

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Here are the Most Stylish and Graceful Concepts of Wedding Invitations in 2017

In fact, guests and hospitality that is offered to them is the important component of any wedding function. The hosts are pretty much inspired by the thought of best catering of foods and comfort for the guests so that they feel satisfied and happy. Consonant with same thoughts, the shaadi invitation card is also significant and today we find multitudes types of it available in the market. Sort of fine creativity has manifested in the segment of wedding invitations and we can find very stylish and graceful invitations now that are making trends in 2017. Here are the leading marriage invitation design concepts of demand. Have a look on these and buy Indian wedding invitation cards of your likes!

The Designer Cut and Folder Type Invitation Cards

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards
These are available in plentitudes and practically speaking, you can find innumerable types to match your fancies and colors and design choice. The wedding card shopspecializes in the best of designs that are most demanded. Most such cards are offered as folder types wherein the main invitation is offered in another leaflet that is placed inside the outer folder which is developed as artistic type.

Multiple Cards for Different Functions All Packed in One

Customized Wedding Cards
This is a new concept and makes the wedding invitation look grand and royal! The folder contains multiple cards each inviting the guest for a wedding function separately. This not only depicts the elaborateness of the wedding but also offers the flexibility to the host to invite selectively different guests as per their importance. Each of these wedding invitations has complete information like for sangeet, mehndi, sehra/pagdi rasm, haldi, Tel pujan and other cultural customs.

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Try these 4 wedding decoration ideas that are making the trends today!

Try these 4 wedding decoration ideas that are making the trends today!

Doli Saja Ke Rrakhna
Wedding is a grand function that finds the cultural attributes and fervor optimized through all means, customs and traditions of diversity. A new relation is made and the couple vows to live happily together for life; and hence we also find the showering of blessings by the family and all who come to be part of the function. Wedding décor is therefore considered a desirable dimension because much significance, goodness and joy is associated with this occasion. Responding to such demands, we find dedicated and specialty services by the professional vendors that offer different types of indoor and outdoor wedding decorations to suit the likes and fancies of the customers. Some wedding decoration ideas like that of flowers and lights have been the traditional ones and are still cherished as indispensable. However, we also find very unique wedding decoration concepts that are no less than genres of worth. Leading Indian wedding planner has offered hints of five latest wedding decoration ideas that could be considered for inspiration. Have a look at these –

1.    Themed lighting concepts

Wedding Stage Decoration
Colorful lights have been among the traditional wedding decoration ideas since the old times and now we find more concepts in this segment; courtesy to the creativity of experts and the tech products of course that make the ambience adorable and exceptional. Today, the wedding décor caterers rely on laser lighting systems and they make use of tiny LEDs also to generate a vibrant appeal. The customer can also choose to decorate the wedding party venue with one or two tone lighting like blues and reds that are mingled up as art to create the criss cross patterns and a soaking appeal at the place.

2.    The royal darbar of the couple

Wedding Organizers in Delhi
Wedding venue essentially includes the special place for the couple where the bride and groom sit and take blessings of others. These days, we find the concept of a royal darbar that is set as a grand stage with plush velvet upholstery and bedding and complemented with the heavy decoration in the background. The couple feels like the royal king and queen on their special day while others join them as their courtmen!


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Here are the five beauty secrets from skin care specialist to make you feel like 18!

There are plentitudes of skin care treatments available in the market and all promise soft glowing skin and fairness results, which of course are very appealing; but to the dismay of seekers, these products offer no real results! People have started turning towards the natural products and compounds so as to get the authentic results and also remain safe from the undesirable side effects that could permanently damage the skin texture and tone. Leading skin dermatologist of India explains that how the products derived directly from nature could be beneficial because of the nutrients that are present in the raw form in them. The skin care specialist opines that why go for a cosmetic surgery treatment if the best results could be obtained naturally & which make your skin look young, fairer and soft and glowing! The specialist has offered these 5 natural beauty secrets that will make you look and feel like 18! Have a look and try them to judge yourself.

1.    Papaya mask

Papaya mask

Papaya is a proven health fruit for ages because of its essential nutrients and vitamins that are present in large numbers in quantity in it. These nutrients offer direct skin rejuvenation results when the fruit is applied topically in the form of ‘papaya mask’. Vitamin A in papaya heals the skins and reduces acne, scars and pimple marks on the face. Papaya mask therefore finds active mention in natural acne scar treatment.

Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen fibers and makes the skin more elastic and young. Papaya also has ‘papain’ that promotes skin regeneration and has anti inflammatory properties also. The alpha hydroxyl acids removes dead cells through exfoliation while potassium hydrates the skin tissue deeply to make it more supple, asserts the leading skin care specialist.

2.    Rose water

Rose water

Rose water contains the extract of rose flower and this dilution is considered very authentic for its anti inflammatory properties. Regular use also soothes the skin and reduces redness and pimples; dermatitis and eczema conditions are also soothed. The dirt particles trapped in skin pores are removed through rose water application with cotton.

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What Would You Choose for Your Wedding – Sherwanis, Tuxedos or Dhoti Kurta?

Indian wedding is a fat extravaganza that speaks through the vibrant icons of culture and cuisine and of course the gaudy attires that show up as best when we look up to the bride and groom. Indian wedding suit for groom is a specialty concept and most want to adore a royal look and feel like a prince who moves out graciously to conquer his queen! Well, you can’t deny such a desire if you are a groom in near prospects or have just been one in the past.

The Royal Sherwani

Royal Sherwani Designs

Sherwani has remained the taste of the grooms in India for centuries and still rules the thoughts and likes of innumerable young men like you and me. The elegance that shows up through a royal sherwani is simply unmatched and makes the groom look distinct and unique in the baraat! Sherwani that is a dress of the nawabs and nizams has evolved with time; courtesy to the fashion designers who have developed fine fusions of the latest fabrics, artworks and color combinations.
Royal Sherwani

The most sought sherwanis by the Indian groom today are therefore the deep hues like the mahogany, blacks and blues; while recently we also find the trend of rich and bright tones such as crimsons and orange that are worked with the golden or silver threadwork to generate a fine luster and appeal! Truly, speaking, sherwani is the number one choice of the grooms of present generation.

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